Making commissioning new music easy — and affordable.

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Better tools
Minimize your workload with tools and services essential for an effective consortium:
  • Dynamic profiles for conductors, ensembles, and composers with dedicated inboxes for all correspondence.
  • Individual pages for each consortium project with easy access to all information prospective parties would need for consideration
  • Advanced search options, including a birds-eye-view calendar, for exploring prospective consortiums
  • Protected and secure contract e-signing and payment services
  • Notifications for deadlines and other time-sensitive needs
Better consortiums
Maximize your interaction in a community built for collaboration, not just facilitation:
  • User reviews of the website, process, and resulting pieces of each consortium
  • "Pitch feeds" where users can offer and explore programming needs or composition ideas
  • Integration with current online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, helping users build on their current networks alongside Consortio
Better art
With better tools and consortiums, we can expect more specific, meaningful, and direct art-making and distribution.

Let's make music. Together.

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