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Let's make music. Together.

Making commissioning new music easy — and affordable

New projects are ready for funding! Find one that fits your ensemble.

What is Consortio?

Consortio is your home for future music.

We're working with composers throughout the world to expand what it means to experience the creation of new music.

Search through the projects they've started, find ones that fit your ensemble, and help fund their creation by sharing the cost with other ensembles.

Nothing inspires a new generation of musicians quite like premiering new music.

Connecting ensembles, engaging composers, creating new music, and making it all easy and affordable BRILLIANT!

Matthew Oltman,
Conductor and former Artistic Director of Chanticleer

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"I was lucky enough to witness a commission when I was in the American Boychoir.

That experience — realizing that a composer and their work is real, malleable, and collaborative — transformed my view of new music forever.

Every music lover and learner should have that opportunity, if they’re 8 years old and just starting or 80 years old having sung their entire lives.

That is why we started Consortio."

Paul John Rudoi,
Founder & CEO

Consortio is going to be a game changer. It will revolutionize how composers, conductors, and ensembles connect with each other. It will facilitate collaboration and the creation of new music. I am a big fan of the platform and am excited to watch it transform how consortia are formed and new music brought to life.

Garrett Hope,
Composer and host of The Portfolio Composer podcast

I am proud to be a part of the CONSORTIO community, which empowers artists to explore our dreams more than we ever have before, and encourages the support of commissioning ensembles in an entirely new way.

Charles Anthony Silvestri,
Poet and composer

Consortio is another great example of how technology is revolutionizing arts management and bringing our musical communities together. Bravo!

Tori Cook,
Director of Marketing, Chorus Connection

During its 50 year history VocalEssence has continued to encourage the commissioning of composers. Now we have CONSORTIO embracing this important work. Please give them your attention and support.

Philip Brunelle,
Artistic director of VocalEssence
Let's make music. Together.