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String Orchestra
A new work to be composed by Ally Rose Czyzewicz
Difficulty: 3 ยท Medium Easy
Length: 4 minutes

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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


We all bring something unique to the table, our our voices yearning to speak and our own hands working to move mountains. "Hands" is a piece about sharing our burdens and working together. We join hands in celebration of what we can accomplish together.

About Ally Rose Czyzewicz

My name is Alexandra Rose Czyzewicz, but those familiar with my work may know me as Ally Rose. I am a Polish-Italian American with a true love for my cultural background! Growing up in the Portland, Oregon area, I spent Saturdays attending Polish School where I studied the Polish culture. I also enjoyed weekly lessons with my Father learning to speak the language. I spent my childhood studying violin, piano and voice and became obsessed with the idea of writing my own music and incorporating the Polish language! This began what would be a long-lasting passion for and devotion to writing original music and sharing my love for the Polish culture. I studied music composition at Marylhurst University, and then at Portland State University where I received my BM in Music Composition. I compose original music in many capacities: for choirs, bands, film, youth music programs, and anywhere else I can get involved. I am a self-published composer and many of my pieces have been performed by choirs and bands in the Pacific Northwest. I have also written several specialized pieces for specific performing groups, such as "Isc Dalej" commissioned by Madison High School choir director Jeremy Dell, and "Diversity" performed by Gladstone High School band directed by Seth Arnold.