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Touchstones to Heaven

SA with Piano
A new work to be composed by Amy Gordon
Difficulty: 2 · Medium Easy
Length: 2 minutes each piece (6 mins total)

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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


This new suite of three pieces for Middle School or High School Choir will set three poems written by my late grandmother, Rhoda Gordon. The suite will begin with two haikus, one about a boy and his guitar and the other about a dog curiously listening to a man on the phone. The suite will end with "Touchstones to Heaven", which explores the amazing power of music to act as a "passport to the spheres" and "lift the curtains of time". My aim for this project is to compose musically satisfying pieces with a wide range of emotions for Middle Schoolers, while always being accessible and singable.


I. Haiku #1

Boy and guitar are
Fused into one as boy plucks
Lovingly at strings.

II. Haiku #2

The dog cocks its head,
Listening to strange sounds as
Man talks into phone.

III. Touchstones to Heaven

Music, poetry,
Passports to the spheres;
Is it only through the ears
That we reach the sublime?
A special presence
The heart entrancing,
Also lifts the curtains of time.

About Amy Gordon

I am a composer, arranger, singer-songwriter, vocalist, and theory-lover in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently the composer-in-residence for Nova Vocal Ensemble and have been commissioned by numerous ensembles including The Los Angeles Belles, Graham Middle School Vocal Ensemble, Ramona Convent Chamber Singers, South Bay Chamber Singers, and more. I love setting poetry to music and bringing out the meaning of the text through music. In addition to composing classical and choral music, I am an active film composer and singer-songwriter. My song “One Door Opens” was named a finalist in the International SongDoor Songwriting competition. I am also a music educator and teach Bachelor-level Music Theory, Songwriting, and Music Education classes at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. I received my M.M. in Composition from California State University, Long Beach and her B.A. in Composition from Loyola Marymount University.

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