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Amber the Spider (A Narrated Musical Tale About A Very Ambitious Arachid)

20 members needed
String orchestra with fixed media.
A new work to be composed by Arthur Breur
Difficulty: 3 · Medium Easy
Length: 20 minutes
Releases on Jan. 4th 2023
Must be funded by Dec. 16th 2022
$250 / ensemble

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20 members needed


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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


From the composer who created "Dance of the Monsters Under the Bed", "George Takei Rag", and "March of the Robots", comes a new narrated string orchestra work for young ensembles. How did this come about? One day, in the previous century, a young composer named Arthur Breur was walking his dogs down the street where he lived. As he was strolling along, lost in thought, he walked right through a spider web. Yuck! Somehow a spider had built a web that went across the whole street! “What an ambitious spider!” he thought (after he was done jumping around doing the “EEK-I-Walked-Through-A-Spider-Web” dance). “That spider was trying to catch a CAR!” The seed of an idea was planted. It took many years to grow, and now the first leaves of a new, narrated musical fairy tale are starting to sprout. Things are getting EXCITING! --- WEBSITE: Amber the Ambitious Arachnid is going to be a narrated work created by Arthur Breur, arranged separately for full orchestra and string orchestra, and fixed media. The work will tell the story of a very ambitious spider who dreams of accomplishing something no other spider has ever done! The model for the work is Peter and the Wolf, so the music will be grade 2-3 and the story will be accessible to audiences of all ages. The work will include an accompanying slideshow and a storybook/coloring book. The conductor of the Tualatin Valley Symphony, Dr. Mark Perlman has already agreed to premiere the work at the orchestra's family concert early in 2023 and we are seeking other ensembles to share the joy!

About Arthur Breur

Mastodons and Megafauna
Composer living in Portland, Oregon. Composer in Residence for both a concert band and an orchestra. Commissioned by the Tualatin Valley Community Band in 2017 to compose a work for their 30th anniversary celebration. Commissioned by the Honorary Colonel of the US Army's 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment to compose the regiment's official march. Composed the Tualatin Overture, which is the official overture of the City of Tualatin, Oregon.