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Relay (Fiona Apple, arr. Ayres)

10 members needed
4-Part Chorus (Any Voicing) + electric bass, percussion, choreography
A new work to be composed by Braeden Ayres
Difficulty: 5 · Difficult
Length: 5 minutes
Releases on Dec. 31st 2021
Must be funded by Oct. 1st 2021
$1,000 / ensemble

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10 members needed


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9-month premiere window
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Fiona Apple's 2020 album "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" is a revolutionary work from the already-renowned singer-songwriter. Her boldest, most original, and most personal work to date, "Fetch The Bolt Cutters" is a deep and rewarding album that defies categorization. Apple wrote the lyrics for "Relay" when she was 15 years old, in response to a sexual assault she experienced at the age of 12 ( Listen to the original track here: This arrangement of "Relay" will utilize a blend of contemporary, western classical, and non-western vocal styles (in the style of Caroline Shaw's Partita), choreography (in the style of Veljo Tormis), electric bass, and supplemental percussion. Apple's original song will be adapted for live performance. The song's original ending will be supplemented by chorale-style harmonization and aleatoric sounds.


Evil is a relay sport
When the one who's burnt
Turns to pass the torch

I resent you for being raised right
I resent you for being tall
I resent you for never gettin any opposition at all
I resent you for having each other
I resent you for being so sure
I resent you presenting your life
Like a ****** propaganda brochure
And I see that you keep trying to bait me
And I love to get up in your face
But I know if I hate you for hating me
I will have entered the endless race

Evil is a relay sport
When the one who's burnt
Turns to pass the torch

I don't wanna hurt you, but I don't wanna hurt myself even more

I used to go to the Ferris wheel every morning
Just to throw my anger out the door

This arrangement is pending ongoing negotiations with FHW Music, ASCAP, and Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. In the event that a deal is not finalized, all funds related to this commission will be refunded to participants, with Braeden Ayres holding ultimate liability for costs.

About Braeden Ayres

Welcome! My name is Braeden Ayres. I’m a composer, conductor, and music educator who believes that music and singing are for all people. As an artist, teacher, and conductor, my mission is to empower people, explore the human experience, and celebrate the human voice as a tool for self-expression. As a composer, my works vary widely in style, with pieces written especially for changing voices, high school choirs, and collegiate, community, and professional ensembles. Though I’m still very much an emerging composer, I’m fortunate to have had my music premiered at national and state-level ACDA honor choirs, all-states, and at local choir concerts across the United States. My music is published with MusicSpoke, Carl Fischer, Hal Leonard Music, and Augsburg Fortress. I hold a Ph.D. in Choral Music Education (Florida State University), where my doctoral dissertation focused on choral composition for changing male voices. As such, I am a passionate advocate of adolescent music education, particularly for young men. I hold additional degrees from the University of Northern Colorado (MM, Choral Conducting) and Baylor University (BME, Music Education) and am a member of ACDA, NAfME, and ASCAP. Before completing my doctorate, I served on the vocal faculty at Discovery Canyon Campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado, teaching 6-12 grade students with a team of exceptional educators. In my time at DCC, the campus's choral program tripled to over 500 students; over 100 singers were accepted into various Middle School All-State, High School All-State, and ACDA National Honor Choirs; and the Performing Arts Department was a finalist for the “Thomas S. Crawford Team of the Year Award." During this time, I also served as the Assistant Artistic Director of “Out Loud: The Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus” and was an inaugural board member of the Colorado Middle School All-State Choir. I'm proud to bring my passion for education into my work as a composer, as I strive to write interesting and highly-crafted music for all kinds of voices and skill levels.
Judy R Arthur
Apr 3, 2021
Braedon is passionate about creating quality music for young singers. His experience with the changing male voice is especially important in promoting appropriate choral literature for use by middle and high schools educators. I really appreciate his dedication to our young singers!