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Pastor que con tus silbos amorosos (Lope de Vega)

15 spots left
SATB a cappella
A new work to be composed by Carol Barnett
Difficulty: 3 · Medium
Length: 3 minutes
Releases on Jan. 1st 2020
Must be funded by Jun. 1st 2019
$200 / ensemble

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15 spots left


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PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


Pastor que con tus silbos amorosos
me despertaste del profundo sueño,
Tú que hiciste cayado de ese leño,
en que tiendes los brazos poderosos,

vuelve los ojos a mi fe piadosos,
pues te confieso por mi amor y dueño,
y la palabra de seguirte empeño,
tus dulces silbos y tus pies hermosos.

Oye, pastor, pues por amores mueres,
no te espante el rigor de mis pecados,
pues tan amigo de rendidos eres.

Espera, pues, y escucha mis cuidados,
pero ¿cómo te digo que me esperes,
si estás para esperar los pies clavados?

(translation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; I will probably set the Spanish version only)

SHEPHERD! who with thine amorous, sylvan song
Hast broken the slumber that encompassed me,
Who mad'st Thy crook from the accursed tree
On which Thy powerful arms were stretched so long!
Lead me to mercy's ever-flowing fountains;
For Thou my shepherd, guard, and guide shalt be;
I will obey Thy voice, and wait to see
Thy feet all beautiful upon the mountains.

Hear, Shepherd Thou who for Thy flock art dying,
Oh, wash away these scarlet sins, for Thou
Rejoicest at the contrite sinner's vow.
Oh, wait! to Thee my weary soul is crying,
Wait for me: Yet why ask it, when I see,
With feet nailed to the cross, Thou'rt waiting still for me!

About Carol Barnett

Carol Barnett’s music for solo voice, piano, chorus, diverse chamber ensembles, orchestra, and wind ensemble has been called audacious and engaging. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, pupil of Dominick Argento and Paul Fetler and a charter member of the American Composers Forum, she was composer-in-residence with the Dale Warland Singers from 1992 to 2001 and was an adjunct faculty member at Augsburg College from 2000 to 2015. More information is available at <>