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Faith and Doubt (Working Title)

25 members needed
SATB, Vocal Soloists, Chamber Orchestra (TBD)
A new work to be composed by R. Christopher Teichler
Difficulty: 4 · Medium Difficult
Length: 20-30 minutes
Releases on Jan. 4th 2021
Must be funded by Jul. 31st 2020
$1,000 / ensemble

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25 members needed


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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


This new large-scale sacred work will be scored for SATB, 2-3 vocal soloists, chamber orchestra (approx 20 players; single winds, piano, strings, specifics TBD). The theme of the poems reflect on the nature of faith and doubt. 5 poems by different poets follow one another to form a continuous narrative, beginning with questioning what we can know to be reality and continuing through how faith can fit in to that.


The text/libretto consists of 5 poems by different poets, but united around a consistent theme of contemplating faith. The 5 poems are all in the public domain:

I. Poe - Dream Within a Dream

II. Rossetti - Good Friday

III. Rossetti - De Profundis

IV. Dickinson - Faith is the Pierless Bridge

V. Donne - A Hymn to God the Father

About R. Christopher Teichler

Hello! I write music that I hope will engage with a broad range of listeners. I've written works for everything ranging from middle school band through professional symphony. I've written more choral music than for any other genre, for church choirs as well as college/university ensembles. My music is mostly self-published, but I also have works available from Alfred, Kjos, Lorenz, BRS Music and Pelican Music. Something I pride myself on is that while I am a musical artist, I'm also a regular guy. I will happily discuss classical music one minute and baseball/football the next! For more info on me and my music, you can visit my website: christeichler (dot) com. Thanks!

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