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How Long? Enough (Genesis Consortium Project)

10 members needed
SATB (light divisi), piano, 3 percussion
A new work to be composed by David
Difficulty: 4 · Medium Difficult
Length: 5 minutes
Releases on Mar. 19th 2021
Must be funded by Jan. 31st 2021
$300 / ensemble

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10 members needed


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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


A fierce response to unjustified police killings in recent times. Based on a brand-new, righteous poem by Meredith Kennedy, composer David Avshalomov will create a dramatic and expressive setting for SATB chorus (with occasional divisi). The proposed accompaniment is piano plus several percussion. The style will be hortatory, using some call-and-response structures between vocal sections, occasional solo exclamations, significant sections with full chorus, and a good deal of rhythmic impulse. The middle section will be more gentle, prayerful. The righteous ending will be big, strong, and emphatic. Some of the melodic writing will have hints of Gospel flavor. The themes illuminated will include injustice and its remediation, lament/mourning, healing, hope, and cooperative collaboration to make a better world.



How long?
How long?
We know how long it takes one man to die:
Eight and half minutes
Time alone and time to cry for help
Time enough to despair and to die

But how long, how many lifetimes to make a change?
How long do we all need to see it, how long, before we say–enough?

It’s time to kneel–but this time kneel to pray.
It’s time to say:

We know how long it takes . . . for a man to die, for a life to end
Find out how long it takes . . . to take a stand, to make a friend
Decide how long it takes . . . for us all to say Enough!

We have had
Enough of hate
of anger
of death

We choose to live, to love, we choose another way, to live another day

We say enough!

Meredith Kennedy, August 2020

About David

I am good to work with. Great work ethic, deliver commissioned pieces on time or even early, accept feedback graciously, give good value, and am enthusiastic. Short bio: A third-generation American composer and conductor based in Santa Monica, David Avshalomov is also an accomplished bass vocalist. He composes in an accessible neo-tonal, modern Romantic style that balances a lyric gift with characteristic rhythmic vitality and pungent harmonies. His influences include the great 20th-century tonal composers (plus his late father Jacob and grandfather Aaron). He has written for forces ranging from solo instruments to full orchestra, band, and chorus, from songs and incidental pieces to full-length oratorio, with an increasing number of regional commissions. Currently he is writing his second opera. His music has been performed professionally across the US, in Europe, Russia, South America, and the Far East, and recorded on Albany and Naxos. He has won numerous grants and competitions, most recently The American Prize for Band Composition (1st Place 2015, 2nd Place 2016, 3rd Place 2014, and frequent Finalist in other categories); the 2016 IOCSF Choral Composition Competition (First Place), Five VoxNovus 15 Minutes of Fame awards, Honored Artist of the American Prize 2014, a 2013 ACDA Silver Platter Award for Choral Composition, and a 2012 Special Judges’ Citation for Unique Artistic Achievement and Distinctive Merit from the American Prize for Orchestral Composition. He earned his B.A in Music at Harvard and a D.M.A. in conducting (Krachmalnick) and composition (Bergsma, Verrall, Suderberg) at the University of Washington, studied at Aspen (Morel, Blomstedt, Torkanowsky, Jones [composition]), and Tanglewood (Bernstein, Schuller, Ozawa), was music director of several US orchestras and choruses on both coasts, guest conducted widely, has toured in Europe and the Far East, and recorded orchestral music by his grandfather Aaron in Moscow for Naxos. His conducting work has garnered frequent listings in Who's Who in Music and Who's Who in the West.