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The Anemoi Suite

Concert Band
A new work to be composed by Garrett Hope
Difficulty: 3 · Medium Easy
Length: 15 minutes
Releases on Nov. 1st 2020
$250 / ensemble

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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


The Anemoi Suite is a four-movement work for Grade 3 concert band. Each movement represents one of the four Greek winds: 1) BOREAS—The god of the North Wind. Boreas represents the winds of winter storms and raging seas. Illustrated as an old man with shaggy hair and beard. He is often carrying a conch shell. What does it sound it? Boreas was composed as a commission from Composers and Schools in Concert in 2017. It is exciting, full of energetic rhythms, 3:2 passages, and strong horn and low brass lines. You can listen to it at 2) ZEPHYROS—The god of the West Wind and spring. Illustrated as a handsome, beardless young man with wings. What will it sound like? In contrast to the harsh and powerful sounds of Boreas, Zephyros will bring spring pastoral textures and lyrical melodies. 3) NOTOS—The god of the South Wind. Notos’ winds brought the late-summer rains and thunderstorms. Most depictions have Notos pouring water from a vase. Some mosaics illustrate him as a boy. What will it sound like? The music of Notos will use repeated rhythms to express the flow of water building up to a large thunder storm. 4) EUROS—The god of the South-East Wind, the winds of autumn, and the end of summer. Greek images represent Euros as a bearded man carrying a heavy cloak. What will it sound like? This closing movement will tie previous three movements together and with. With heavy drama the music will lay the suite to rest just as fall prepares the earth for the rest of winter. In 2020 Bryce Adams (North Kitsap High School, Washington) will lead this consortium to commission the three remaining movements. The music will be composed for Grade 3 Concert Band. The score and parts will be delivered no later than November 1, 2020. Also included in the consortium: *A high-quality demo recording to play for your students. *Rehearsal tracks for each section. *The score and parts for the previously composed Boreas. The cost to join the consortium is $250.

About Garrett Hope

Garrett's purpose is to use his God-given creativity & communication skills to entertain & enlighten people, draw people together for a common purpose, and to empower composers of all ages. He was won several awards for his music, and holds a doctorate in composition, but what matters most to him is working with students and storytellers. Besides composing and conducting, Garrett hosts The Portfolio Composer (a podcast on the business of writing music), is a public speaker, and travels widely to clinic & workshop with ensembles.
Mark Dorn
Nov 16, 2018
Garrett is a dedicated, creative, and flexible composer. I've commissioned him for a Grade IV+ piece, and worked on two other pieces by him in the Grade III range. His music is emotive, powerful, expressive, contemporary, and fun to play. Additionally he is a consummate professional - punctual with deadlines, collaborative, humble, and versatile.