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Jocelyn C Chambers

Composer / Los Angeles, CA
Member since September 2018
The relationship Jocelyn Chambers maintained with film music existed long before she made the formal decision to become a composer. As a child, she found herself profoundly resonating with the characters’ experiences through the music that carried their stories, and knew those feelings were worth recreating. Chambers began taking piano lessons at age 7, but her compositional genesis took place at age 13. She learned to write by reformulating existing music to match her personal soundscape. After learning to properly notate music, she began studying composition with Dr. Rachel McInturff at the Armstrong Community Music School. Within the first year of her studies, Chambers entered and won the Texas Young Composers Competition, and received the honor of having her piece premiered by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. This confirmed that Chambers was called to a life of musical creation. At age 17, she entered the Butler School of Music’s composition program at the University of Texas at Austin. Seeing the lack of representation for female composers of color, Chambers created a platform to bring diversity to musical arts. For her senior recital, Chambers produced a threefold work with original music, poetry, and film to document her experiences as an American black woman. The work, “The Gospel According to Jocelyn,” was produced in collaboration with The Cohen New Works Festival. In May 2017, at age 20, Chambers graduated with her Bachelors degree. Though Chambers prioritizes her work as a composer, she cannot be boxed into any one creative category. She has used her skills as a writer to encourage young people and vocalize her passion for social justice. She has used her photography to highlight the beauty of women of color and bring multitudes of communities together. Through these endeavors (and many more), Chambers has shown her love for people and her dedication to their representation. This winter, she will begin her pursuit of a graduate certificate in film scoring from the University of California Los Angeles. She is determined to shake up the Hollywood film industry, and ensure it reflects the diversity of the world we live in, so she, and other creatives of color, do not feel alone.

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Enigma for the Night

String Quartet
Written in collaboration with the Houston Ballet, Enigma for the Night showcases the power of expression and the inception of human emotion. Highlighted performances include the American Festival for the Arts, and AK|T Biennale in Dresden, Germany.
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