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Josh Rodriguez

Composer / Riverside, CA
Member since January 2021
Premiere Circle
Josh has completed 1 project with Consortio
With a background in music for theater and film, I love collaboration and creation with the purpose of meaningful connection and imaginative storying-telling. To hear my music, please visit my website ( and BandCamp ( SHORT BIO FROM WEBSITE: Known for his energetic rhythms, rich harmonic language, and striking colors, Josh Rodriguez continues to gain recognition as an emerging composer on a national and international scale. Born in Argentina and raised in Guatemala and Mexico, Rodriguez's musical imagination has been formed by the colors and cultures of his childhood. Rodriguez is composer-in-residence of the Corona Symphony Orchestra, and currently serves at the Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University as Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition. He regularly contributes articles to arts & culture blogs, and is on the Leadership Team for an initiative that brings musicians, pastors, and non-musicians together for concerts and conversations about the intersection of faith and new music. Rodriguez earned his MM at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Ph.D in Composition at the University of California, Los Angeles.

My Style

While I tailor the complexity and breadth of my music to the ensemble's level and the specifics of each commission, my overall style is... 1) harmonically: a combination of modal and post-tonal melodies/harmonies with elements from popular music, and anchored in various kinds of drones 2) rhythmically: simple rhythms which typically develop into robust driving grooves, sometimes venturing into Latin American grooves 3) orchestration/voicing: striking colors and surprising shifts in tone with careful attention to instrumentation and register


Paul Chihara
Jun 5, 2021
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I am writing to recommend to your special artistic consideration a young and brilliant composer named Josh Rodriguez, who studied with me at UCLA during his four years of study leading to his Doctorate. Josh impressed me then, as he still does today, with his talent, drive, originality, and musical initiative. His recent choral composition “DARKNESS IS MY ONLY FRIEND” is a stunning example of musical passion, modern sound textures, and very clear contemporary notation, all in a traditional world of faith and supplication. Josh has a wide variety of musical experiences (in composing concert, choral, and film music) which enriches his musical vision and vocabulary. And he is still growing! His musical curiosity, courage, and originality all make his latest music unpredictable and utterly amazing! He speaks to this generation of youth and older music afficienados like myself! Yours. Paul Chihara Distinguished Professor Emeritus, UCLA Artist Faculty in Film Scoring, New York University
Charles King
May 31, 2021
The Trinity College Concert Choir had the privilege of the US Midwest premier of "I See Your World in Light," Josh's first collaboration with Malcolm Guite. The students took to the piece immediately, captivated by the evocative setting of the text, the harmonies--alternately shimmering and expansive, and the profound joy of the final cadence. It was a delight to rehearse, and this season's favorite piece for the choir and for me.
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