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James W. Knox

Composer / Bend
Member since February 2021
James W. Knox is an American Composer and current Professor of Music at Central Oregon Community College where he directs two major ensembles, Cascade Chorale and Jazz Central, teaches a variety of music history including Jazz and Rock n' Roll, private voice studies and conducting classes. In 2008, James and his wife, Heather, started a community based K- 5 grade choir called The Bend Children's Choir bringing valuable music learning skills through sight reading sessions, vocal mentoring and performances. Through James' studies he has had the privilege of working with distinguished conductors and composers from around the world, such as Robert Sund, Frieder Bernius, Veljo Tormis, Fred Stoltzfus, Joseph Flummerfelt, Morna Edmundson, Yaccov Bergman, Maria Guinand, Hirvo Surva, Alice Parker, Charles Bruffy, Simon Carrington, Karen Kennedy and Hilary Appelstadt. In 2014, he was the Visiting Professor of Music at the University of London for the abroad exchange program at COCC. Winter and spring of 2018, he was granted a sabbatical leave and worked with Hirvo Surva, Main Conductor for the Virumaa Boys' Choir, The Estonian Men's Choral, Society Boys' Choir and The Revalia Male Choir. James was appointed Guest Maestro at The Conservatory "Arrigo Pedrollo" of Vicenza, Italy and Guest Choral Clinician in the Veneto Region, Vocal Coach, Solfeggio/ Music Educator at La " Antonio Miari" Scuola Comunale di Musica of Belluno, Italy and singer participant for the premiere choral ensemble, Nova Cantica, under the direction of Maestro Luciano Borin. As a premiere Northwest composer, his choral music has been performed all over the United States including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, England, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. James’ music is epic, fresh and lively with approachable and obtainable goals for moderate-advanced choirs. Since 2017, He has commissioned several pieces throughout the US and abroad. Professor Knox holds a Bachelors of Science in Music/Minor in History, Masters of Music in Conducting and Education.

My Style

My music is highly emotional, epic and cinematic. The pieces are written for moderate to advanced choirs ranging from standard SATB/SSAA piece to large-scaled choral works with orchestra.

Featured Compositions

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Salam (Peace)

SATB, violin, piano
Salam means Peace in Arabic or Aramaic language. The biblical passage is from Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." The dramatic and very uplifting piece features a violin solo and can be purchased separately. James Knox wrote the piece in honor of his father who recently passed away in late summer 2020. SATB divisi, piano and violin
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