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Reconcile--settings for unison and 2-part with piano

unison and 2-part with piano
A new work to be composed by Kyle Pederson
Difficulty: 1 · Easy
Length: 3 minutes

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PDF score
9-month premiere window
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I've been thinking a lot about reconciliation, and the role it can play in helping to heal the brokenness that we are experiencing. Reconciliation is needed community-wide, to speak into racial injustice, economic inequity and political polarization. And reconciliation is needed on a more individual level, too-- with the need to reconcile with people in our schools, neighborhoods, families, congregations, and workplaces. I've discovered there aren't many choral pieces that explore this idea of reconciliation. So I’m stepping in…and hope to offer a piece that you could perhaps use as an entry point into this concept of reconciliation as you work with your choirs. The settings of unison and 2-part are to guarantee that choirs of all ages and abilities can sing this well—and there’s something symbolically important about even the most advanced choirs being able to join voices in unison when exploring this topic. The text I’ve crafted is from the perspective of somebody turning towards another with whom they need to reconcile. I don't presume to be an expert in reconciliation...and in no way is this text intended to represent all the hard work, investment, and time necessary for lasting reconciliation, but I hope it's a start. I'd love for this to be a jumping off point for you to explore, with your singers and students or congregation, what reconciliation looks, feels, and sounds like. You can see that I've intentionally left the text quite open--leaving several different ways into the text and different interpretations--so that you can explore the form of reconciliation that resonates most in your particular situation. Please click on the video to hear me play through the melody and talk a bit about the flow of the piece. I plan to leave space for optional narration in the beginning and middle of the piece (there’s so much rich literature/verses/quotes available to speak into the process of reconciliation). All proceeds from commissioning fees will be donated to ISAIAH, a nonpartisan, multi-racial, multi-faith nonprofit based in my home state of MN dedicated to the pursuit of racial and economic justice. They are doing incredible work--work that's really at the heart of reconciliation. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, and thanks for considering this opportunity to join together to be a part of the movement of reconciliation in our communities. Introductory video where you can hear melodic ideas and a bit about the structure I envision for the piece:


Forgive me
for all the times I stood by, turned aside,
and when I cast a blind eye down;
I pretended not to see you grieving,
not to see you reeling,
but I see you now.

I'll turn around, my pride laid down,
hear my apology.
Can we talk together?
I want to do better...
Or just walk with me...and stay awhile;
Can we reconcile?

Forgive me
for all the times I laughed,
or went on the attack,
all at your expense;
Behind your back
I undermined what you're about,
I sold you out,
never came to your defense.

I'll turn around, my pride laid down,
hear my apology.
Can we talk together?
I want to do better...
Or just walk with me...and stay awhile
Can we reconcile?

Courage is what it takes
to stand up and speak;
courage is what it takes
to sit down and listen. **

This is the work we're called to do;
this is the work we all can do.

**(anonymous quote, often mis-attributed to Winston Churchill)

About Kyle Pederson

Kyle Pederson is equally at home as a composer, pianist, lyricist and educator. Kyle was named the American Prize winner in Choral Composition in 2019, and has also received awards from such choral ensembles as Cerddorion (NY), Little Singers of Armenia, and the International Lutheran Youth Choir. Recent commissions have included the AMIS international high school honors choir, TAISM international high school choral festival, MN-ACDA All-State SA choir, Choral Arts Initiative, and a variety of school, church, and community choruses. Commercial recordings of Kyle’s works include New Choral Voices Volume II and III, released by Ablaze Records, and KC VITAs Chamber Choir. Kyle earned his MFA in music composition from Vermont College of Fine Arts, an MA in Education from University of St Thomas (MN), and his BA from Augustana University (SD). In additional to a variety of freelance projects, Kyle works part time in the music ministry at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, MN, where he composes and arranges music for a variety of services.