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Composer / Portland, OR
Member since October 2018
Nicklaus Heinze is a pianist and postmodern composer. A childhood filled with piano performances and theory studies led to an inquisitive approach to the rules of music structure. Experience in composition, performance, production and audio engineering lead to a diversified understanding and appreciation for the immersive approach of music.

My Style

"I was raised playing classical piano because of my teachers preference. As a child I hated it and was always rather bored playing it. As I grew as a musician and person I found out about the contemporary music world and instantly fell in love with the dissonance of contemporary music and the oddity of modernism. I look to the past for inspiration in a new diverse audience that appreciate unbound music." - Nickalus Heinze

Active Projects

String Quartet

2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello
5 ยท Medium Advanced
20 minutes
Contemporary string quartet with a traditional form (also includes a prelude, minuet, and trio) and romantic influenced tonality. I am able to arrange for larger or smaller ensembles and also open to adding other instruments tailored to your ensemble needs.
4 needed
release date
Jan. 1st 2020
$150 / ensemble

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