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The Quiet

7 members needed
SSA + Piano (optional cello)
A new work to be composed by Santiago Veros
Difficulty: 2 · Medium Easy
Length: 4:30 minutes
Releases on Jul. 3rd 2020
Must be funded by Apr. 3rd 2020
$200 / ensemble

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7 members needed


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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


Synopsis: The Quiet will be a lullaby to find the calm with oneself. We are all right and all thoughts, all acts are valid when we find the most authentic version of ourselves. In life you are free, there is no structure to follow, just try to provide something important to society, shake minds and create new horizons in the world. All you have to do is be yourself, your best version, the most authentic. Poem form: The poem will be written by my favorite poet, Charles Anthony Silvestri. It will be a piece that expresses itself with stanzas and choruses. In each stanza there will be a message of calm, of accepting oneself, that differences do not separate us, that they are our value, "that something" that we have to show to the society. The choruses will always have the same lyrics and will say that we must use our authentic selves to shake the world and to create new horizons. When we are our original version we have more than we believe. Music: The form of the poem reveals that transition between the outside world and the inner world. There will be permanently this dynamic between stanzas in P and choruses in mf that will be gaining strength with reworkings. At the end of the work there will be an emotional intertwining of voices repeating the chorus until the end. The piano will appear as a connector presenting few notes, sowing the calm and the atmosphere of the piece. It will have isolated chords – stanzas- (representing the intimacy that is necessary to find oneself) and shines in the sharp parts – choruses - to sow the hope that we can find ourselves. To accompany the poem, the melodic lines will find their own truth throughout the piece and at the end of it; each one of them will be completely different, independent to each other and will contribute something to the other lines.

About Santiago Veros

O Magnum Mysterium
The Argentine choral composer, Santiago Veros, was born in 1990 in Buenos Aires. At age 7 he began his musical studies and at the age of 18 he moved to La Plata to study Composition at the National University of La Plata. In 2013 he began his professional career as a choral composer writing for the children's choir of the municipality of Pilar in Buenos Aires. Santiago soon internationalizes his art writing for choirs in the Philippines, Chile, USA, South Africa, New Zeland, Taiwan and several countries in Europe. In 2018 he became the first Latin American composer to write music for the largest choral festival in the world, the Europa Cantat 2018 that was held in Tallinn, Estonia. Under his philosophy of joining borders, he has created virtual choirs with people from all over the world, built a global consortium called "The Choral Club" and created works under humanitarian slogans. Currently Santiago Veros works full time as a composer and also offers workshops to encourage the creation of new music and to write music in a community way.
Brian Patrick Leatherman
Aug 11, 2019
In a few short weeks we will begin work on R-A-D-I-A-N-C-E, our newly composed work from Santiago Veros. The process, from start to now (we aren't finished until we perform it on October 11/12, 2019) has been a joy. Santiago's enthusiastic approach, clear communication, and ready acceptance of suggestions and clarifications has been encouraging and helpful. This has been an extremely easy process and I can hardly wait to hear the real live results!