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Transformation Concerto: for oboe & orchestra

14 members needed
2 Flutes (II. dbl. Picc.), 2 B-flat Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2 F Horns, 1 B-flat Trumpet, 3 Perc., Harp, Strings
A new work to be composed by Tony Manfredonia
Difficulty: 5 · Medium Advanced
Length: 20 minutes
Releases on Dec. 30th 2020
Must be funded by Aug. 30th 2020
$300 / ensemble

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14 members needed


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This project will include…

PDF score
9-month premiere window
Score guarantee


*** PREVIEW and LISTEN to Movement I *** *** LISTEN to Jonathan play a section of Movement I at the following YouTube video! *** Full Instrumentation: Solo Oboe 2 Flutes 2 B-flat Clarinets 2 Bassoons 2 F Horns 1 B-flat Trumpet 3 Percussion (Cymbals, Triangle, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone) Harp Strings Transformation Concerto: for oboe & orchestra is a piece composed for and dedicated to Jonathan Thompson, a skilled oboist and professor at UNT, who thrives on performing new works. Fascinated by the Chinese Zodiac, he shared with me a story of when he initially thought he was born into the Year of the Snake, but discovered it was truly the Year of the Dragon. Up until that point, he always felt himself living in the bushes as a Snake. Now, he is taking flight as the Dragon he is. ​This concerto is inspired by that idea of transformation: knowing where you once were, accepting the truth, and culminating into where you were always meant to be. One movement is currently composed, this consortium will bring the other two to life! Feel free to listen to the NotePerformer Preview audio, as well as peruse the score at the link above. Participation in the consortium includes the following: * One set of performance materials, ready for a 2020/2021 performance! * Exclusive rights to performing the piece for 9 months * A free Skype-in (or, if nearby, in-person) session with the orchestra * A massive shoutout on my newsletter and social media platforms, to promote you and your organization * Guaranteed access to bring Jonathan Thompson, the dedicated oboist, to perform with your ensemble * Your name and your ensemble listed in the score and on my website * Monthly updates The first participant in this consortium is Matthew Salvaggio, Music Director and Conductor for the Euclid Symphony Orchestra. Thank you, Matthew! NOTE: To contact Jonathan Thompson to discuss performance fees and travel, please visit his website at:

About Tony Manfredonia

Through the Tunnels and Back
On the Threshold of Spring
A Tale of Separation
I am a composer and orchestrator for concerts and multimedia living in Petoskey, MI with my wife. I aim to provide a multi-layered and sensory experience through expressive, colorful orchestration and warm melodies. My music adds new perspectives to stories, environments, and everything in between through massive orchestral productions, as well as intimate atmospheres. With performances and readings from renowned ensembles such as Apollo Chamber Players, the University of Cambridge Concert Band, The National Video Game Orchestra of Wales, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, I'm grateful to have had my music played across the world. All the while, I live the life of a video game composer. I'm continually advocating for the bridge between "video game music" and "concert music." One example is my 'Suite from Kharon's Crypt: for symphony orchestra,' demonstrating the power of video game music and how it can appeal to audience members both young and old. My most recent, completed soundtracks are that for "Kharon's Crypt" and "Rot:Purge". Currently, I am working on the music for "Call of Saregnar".
Matthew Salvaggio
Feb 15, 2020
I am a professional conductor and have known Tony and his work for over a year. I am continually impressed by his creative output - whether writing for winds, voices or scoring a video game, he is extremely effective in conveying an emotional message through his music. My community band is currently working on his piece "On the Threshold of Spring," and the ensemble members have enjoyed revealing the beauty Tony has created. I believe very strongly in Tony's creativity as a composer and Jonathan Thompson's artistry, and I am happy to support them to bring this oboe concerto to life.